Saturday, February 2, 2008

Drinking Games

I will explain some drinking games that I think are healthy for a drinking party or I particularly like.

Shoot ping-pong balls into cups against another team. I know this game was gayed and exploited in the New England, and most likely the entire country but it is still a good game.
This game is good for small parties and large parties, but you end up being antisocial in medium parties if you are any good at this game. Moderate drinking.

Beer Ball
I like this game. If you walk into a room and people are playing this you will enjoy the show. Get a teamate and some competitors and put a full can of beer in front of you. Hit their beer with a ping-pong ball from your side of the table and your partner starts chugging until the other team retrievs the ball and taps it on the table. The shout "stop" then it is there turn to shoot. Stay on your toes. Moderate drinking.

Liar Dice
5 dice in a box. This is a fairly fun game I learned in Minnesota. Shake the box and pass it after declaring what you rolled (or lying about it). The person who recieves the box needs to believe or disbelieve. Either way they look in the box, if they believe they need to beat the roll declaired. Any triple beats a double, no straights, no full houses, ones are wild. You can take the ones out and place them on the table before you try to beat the roll. If you disbelieve drink if they were right and make them drink if you called their bluff. Think about bluffing below what you rolled. Minimal drinking.

Kings, Up-and-down the River, Fuck the Dealer
These games are all some of the games I love at a party because it brings people together but noone cares if people join or leave. It's good fun and you get to know people. Moderate drinking on all accounts.

Flippy Cup
Get even teams and be the first team to finish drinking your cup and flip it 180 onto the table. One of the messiest, loudest, exciting games that a party can offer. Extreme drinking.

Think Quarters on speed. Gather your friends around a table with a solo cup per head and fill with a healthy swig of beer. If your cup gets hit chug it fast (you get skipped if you dont have beer in your cup and on the table) and rotate who shoots around the table. Shoot till you miss. If its a big game have two shooters. Extreme drinking.

Roll two dice, if you get 7 11 or doubles fill a central cup with as much of your victim's beverage as you chose. They need to drink it and when they start to chug you get your chance to roll again for 7 11 or doubles and making them drink again. Be nice in the beginning otherwise you'll get bitten in the ass later. Usually ends up with extreme drinking.

A hybrid between the children's game Trouble and the drinking game. You have to get taught this game by me Tom or Sara. This game has a special place in my heart hahaha. Death drinking.

Flip a card and be the first person to say a word that isn't a number or proper that has the same first letter or the number flipped i.e. I flip a three. "trigger!, tool!, twat!" If you get bored play with the second letter. Minimum drinking.

There are more but I am lazy

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